What is Vaginal Tightening?

What is Vaginal Tightening?

tightvagina pic 7There are certain things that are too embarrassing to talk about. Women may feel embarrassed talking about their sex life even with their closest friends. Those who actually talk about it only talk about the basics, not the actual cause of the problem. Say for example that your problem is vaginal loosening. Are you ready to talk about it with your friends? What you can say instead is that your sex with your partner isn’t as good as it used to be. Some actually don’t even know what the cause of the problem is. All they know is that their relationship is starting to fall apart.

What is vaginal tightening?

There are muscles in the vaginal region. These muscles, like the ones on your arms and legs, contract and relax. Vaginal tightening is the act of tightening the muscles in your vaginal region. A woman can tighten her muscles during sex to pleasure herself and her partner. Technically, the tighter these muscles get, the more pleasure both you and your partner can get during intercourse. These muscles can also tighten as an indication of arousal.

What is vaginal loosening and what causes it?

As mentioned above, the muscles in the vagina can tighten. Conversely, it can also loosen to release some pressure. The vaginal walls expand temporarily when you are giving birth. However, when you give birth a few more times, the vaginal walls will have a hard time returning to its original shape. This results in vaginal loosening. When your vagina doesn’t tighten anymore, you will not be able to provide pleasurable experience to your partner. You will also need more than three fingers inside you to feel the same pleasure you used to feel when you were younger.

Who experiences vaginal loosening?

There are different factors that contribute to vaginal loosening, but all women will experience it. It will only become more pronounced as you get older. With more natural childbirth, your vagina can loosen faster. Another factor that may contribute is your lack of exercise.

Is there a way to solve it?

There are plenty of ways that can help you solve problems with vaginal loosening. You can bring back a tight vagina through exercises that target the muscles in that region. Kegel exercises, which are targeted at the pelvic muscles, can help you with that. There are also surgical procedures such as vaginoplasty and labiaplasty. However, remember that as you use these, their results will gradually lessen and it may not be effective to repeat the procedure every so often. That will be a pain in your wallet.

Can you solve it in secret?

tightvagina pic 8Not all women are open to sensitive topics such as this, which make it difficult to look for solutions. If you can’t tell your closest friends about your vaginal loosening problems, how are you going to approach a total stranger, even if he/she is a medical professional, to explain your situation? Fortunately, you don’t have to consult a lot of people just to get vaginal tightening creams. These creams can be used at home so that you don’t have to tell anyone about it. And unlike surgical procedures, it’s okay to use these products repeatedly because they are all natural.

A lot of changes in the body happen as you grow older. These changes may not be pretty and they will have a huge effect on your relationships if you don’t do something about them. Fortunately, you live in a period where scientists are always developing new products to solve common problems. You can take advantage of these newly developed creams to bring back your desirable body so that cheating won’t be having any room in your husband’s mind.

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