Vaginal Tightening without Surgery

tightvagina pic 44When you’ve been in a relationship for a while now, there are changes that are hard to ignore. Your husband, for example, may not be into sex as much as he was a couple of years ago. You may be starting to wonder if he has a lover on the side, and that’s not impossible to happen when you two haven’t been having satisfactory intercourse for a while now. One reason for this may be your vaginal loosening. Fortunately, this problem can go away.

What causes vaginal loosening?

Every woman starts with a tight vagina. Younger women have tighter vaginas while those who have given birth may experience some loosening. As you grow older and as you engage in more sexual intercourse, your vaginal walls will not be as tight as it used to be. This will affect your pleasure as well as your partner’s. On your part you will want a bigger stimulus inside you to feel pleasure, while your partner will not be able to feel the tightening sensation your organ used to make.

What effects does vaginal loosening have on your relationship?
No matter how loyal your lover is, there will definitely be dissatisfaction when you have loose vagina. He may look elsewhere for a younger woman who can offer a more pleasurable experience. This may lead to a broken family. You will also not feel any pleasure and this may affect your appetite for sex. Overall, you will also feel a lowered self-esteem because your lover does not want to be intimate with you as much as he wanted to be in the past.

Is this problem irreversible?

The tightness of the vagina will decrease over time, and once you’ve given birth to a couple of kids, it is inevitable that the vaginal walls with weaken and loosen. However, this doesn’t mean that once you’ve have a loosened vagina it will not go away. There are actually a lot of things that you can do to reverse the damages of giving birth or aging. There are exercises targeted at strengthening your pelvic muscles to reverse your problem. There are also surgical operations that can help you.

Do natural treatments exist?

If you’re not too keen on having a surgical operation, or if you are trying to solve the problem without spending a lot of money, there’s no need to worry. Products like vaginal tightening gels and creams exist. These work in a short time and once you and your man have been to bed together, you will both feel the change. Both of you will experience more pleasure, which will increase your confidence and your partner’s want for you.

Which is better, natural or surgical treatment?

Surgical treatments such as vaginoplasty and labiaplasty can solve your problem in just a day, but these will of course cost you money. Moreover, you will need to tell a couple of people in the hospital about what you want done, which may be embarrassing. When you buy vaginal tightening creams, on the other hand, you can order it online and nobody will have to know what you are doing. Even your partner may be surprised. You can use it in those two weeks when your husband is away for work so that when he returns, he will be met with a pleasant surprise.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel pleasure even when you’re not too young anymore. Your partner will certainly want you both to experience pleasure together and it’s up to you to make that possible. If you don’t want your relationship to end and you don’t want your partner looking elsewhere, then you should consider the best vaginal tightening options available for you.

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