Vaginal Tightening Treatment at Home

tightvagina pic 43So many things go on in your life that you talk to your friends about, but there are still some that you would rather keep a secret. One example would be the details of your marital life, especially the intimacies that happen in the bedroom. It’s sad news though if there is no more action in that department because that might lead to marital problems. There’s no need to feel helpless when you’re looking for a solution to lack of satisfying intercourse between you and your spouse but you are not comfortable talking about it with your friends.

What could be causing the cold shoulder?

Do you notice your husband shrugging off your advances toward him? Are you worried that he might be seeing someone else, which is why he isn’t attracted to you anymore? Do you find yourself unsatisfied when you two have sex like the usual? Maybe it’s not him looking for someone else; maybe it’s your lady parts not being able to satisfy him anymore. Vaginal looseness is nothing new. A lot of people, particularly the ones who have given birth to a couple of children, experience this problem.

Why is vaginal looseness happening to you?

There are several things that cause vaginal looseness. If you are over thirty, fatigued, or have given birth to more than two children, then vaginal looseness is a possibility. It’s even more likely for you to have loose vagina when you give birth at a later age or when you give birth without enough space in between babies. Your vaginal muscles won’t have time to contract to their tight shape, causing them to loosen. Some even experience this because of medical conditions.

What are vaginal tightening treatments at home?

Fortunately, everyone having unsatisfactory sex because of loose vagina will not have to be unsatisfied forever. There are exercises and products that exist for this exact reason. You can try Kegel exercises that target the pelvic muscles. You want this region to be tight because it is the one holding the vaginal muscles together. There are also small, heavy balls that may be inserted inside the vagina as a form of strengthening exercise. The goal is to try to keep the ball inside for as long as you can and in the process, you are contracting your vaginal muscles. These are recommended by physicians or bought in adult stores. Apparently, there are also herbs that help in your situation.

Will you have to change your lifestyle?

There is no major change that has to be done to get back that tight vagina, but you can switch to a healthier lifestyle to work your muscles. Eating fruits and vegetables do help you get a healthier body, including a healthier vagina. You can also try other forms of exercise that target core muscles and pelvic muscles like yoga.

Is there a quick way to achieve vaginal tightness naturally?

A lifestyle change would require some time for you to see changes, and exercises will have to be done consciously to show results. A quicker, more effortless way of bringing back a tight vagina is by using vaginal tightening gels. These products work by helping firm up and tighten the vagina while also bringing back its suppleness. You will feel more youthful thanks to this product. It also eliminates dryness so that you will not have painful intercourse.

Even in your age, you can still revive the fire in your marriage. Don’t let an inactive sex life be the start of a ruined relationship. Try to bring back the love in the bedroom by giving your partner unparalleled satisfaction when he’s with you. In the process you can also give yourself more pleasure, so it’s definitely a win-win.

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