Vaginal Tightening Surgery

tightvagina pic 38These days, there is a kind of surgery for anything. You don’t like how your nose looks? There’s rhinoplasty. You want to look younger? You can have Botox or face lift. You can even change your eyes or bleach your skin. Even your vagina can be changed, which makes it a great option for those dealing with vaginal looseness. However, before you consider this as your preferred method to get back a tight vagina, you need to know more about the procedure.

How is vaginoplasty done?

Vaginoplasty is a kind of surgery done on the vaginal region to help tighten the muscles. Usually, women who have given birth are the ones who want to have vaginoplasty done. Those who are in their mid-thirties to fifties may also opt for this treatment so that they can enjoy their time in bed with their spouse. Labiaplasty is another kind of surgery that is often done together with vaginoplasty. This one corrects any asymmetry in the labia or reshapes the labia to make it look better.

How much does it cost?

The price of vaginoplasty varies, but on average it will cost about $4000-$9000. Depending on where and who you are asking, the procedure may cost slightly more or slightly less. Labiaplasty costs $3000-$6000 on average, but if you are going to have the two done together, your surgeon may give some discount on the original price.

Is it permanent?

The effects of vaginoplasty will help tighten your vaginal walls and this is considered permanent. However, over time it is just expected that the walls will loosen gradually. That won’t happen for a couple of years though, so there is no need to repeat the procedure soon, unless you have had an ineffective vaginoplasty. If that is the case, you will have to spend a lot of money to have a better operation.

Should you go for cheaper vaginoplasty?

As you ask around for the price of vaginoplasty, you will realize that there are variations to it. Certain factors such as place, reputation of the doctor, and procedure will affect the price. If you’re wondering whether it’s okay to go for cheaper vaginoplasty, the answer will vary. If you are in an urban area, cheaper surgery may already be good. However, when the surgery is too cheap compared to others, you should be wary that it may not be as good as a job done for a slightly more expensive price. Vaginoplasty is a major surgery, so you should not trade the quality for the price.

What are alternatives to vaginoplasty and how effective are they?

tightvagina pic 39One good alternative to vaginoplasty is the use of vaginal tightening gels or creams. These creams are applied to the vaginal walls. You may feel a tingling or tightening sensation as early as a couple of minutes after the initial application, which means that they are pretty effective. You can also use pills, which are taken orally, although these will take longer to show results. There are also exercises aimed at strengthening and tightening the vaginal muscles. You can do these in combination with vaginal tightening products. Even pregnant women can use the exercise to strengthen their vaginal walls, which will be stressed a lot when they give birth.
Just like most surgeries, vaginoplasty can be very expensive. Fortunately, this isn’t the only option that helps solve vaginal looseness. Even if you don’t have $9000 to spend on the surgery, you can still enjoy your intimate time with your partner thanks to vaginal tightening gels and creams that are conveniently found online. You can shop for them discreetly so that nobody will know what you are up to. Before you know it, your problem has been solved and you didn’t even need to spend a lot of money.

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