Vaginal Tightening Pills vs. Cream vs. Gel

tightvagina pic 1There are different reasons why you may be having vaginal looseness problems. Some women are naturally loose, which may have been the reason why you don’t feel that much pleasure while having intercourse. Some women who have given birth may face looseness issues because the vagina has a hard time returning to its original shape. Women in their menopausal stages can also have a loose vagina because of the uterus weighing down on the muscles in that area. Some medical conditions even result in vaginal looseness. In short, you are not alone in facing this problem and fortunately, there are different products that can help you.

What are your options?

Your options would depend on the money you are willing to spend on treating vaginal looseness. If money is not an issue, vaginoplasty is an easy way to reconstruct the vaginal area. Through this surgical operation your vagina can be restored to its youthful appearance. Note though that this has some risks and it can be very costly. If you have moderate budget, vaginal tightening pills, creams, and gels can be of assistance.

Vaginal tightening pills

Just as there are pills that can help prevent unplanned pregnancy, there are also pills that will help bring back a naturally tight vagina. These pills are created from extracts of herbal plants that have tightening properties on that region. Some of the ingredients of these pills come from plants that have been used in the past to aid in childbirth by helping strengthen the vaginal walls. Since these pills are taken orally, there is no mess in using them. It’s also okay to use pills even when you are on your period. However, the pills aren’t risk free.

Vaginal tightening creams

Another popular vaginal tightening product variant is the cream form. Creams for vagina tightening are applied to the area and can give you results in just fifteen minutes. Vaginal tightening creams are not recommended for use when you are on your period, when you are pregnant, or when there is any kind of irritation in the vaginal area. Also avoid using it with condoms.

tightvagina pic 19Vaginal tightening gels

Gels are water-based, so vaginal tightening gels should be safe to use even on the inner vaginal walls. This is important because when you are applying vaginal tightening products around the area, it can’t be helped that sometimes your finger wanders into nearby places. You don’t want any complications when that happens, so gels are suitable. Like creams, gels also provide lubrication to prevent dryness in the area. Dryness can lead to irritation.

Which one is the most effective?

Choosing among pills, gels, and creams when it comes to the perfect product to use ultimately depends on your preference. Pills would be better suited to those who don’t want a messy application, while gels and creams work best for those who want quicker results and improved lubrication. Whatever you choose, always make sure that you follow the proper application or usage as prescribed to avoid complications. Pregnant women should always consult their doctors before using any product.

How to reduce the cost of vaginal tightening

Vaginal tightening products are already affordable, but if you want to further minimize the cost of rejuvenating the vagina, you can pair the product with repeated Kegel exercises. This way, you will be able to achieve the best results in a shorter period of time. Another way to minimize the cost is by buying the products in bulk. Most resellers offer huge discounts when you buy a huge quantity of pills, gels, or creams. You just have to decide how to proceed with your home treat

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