Things that can Help Tighten Vagina

tightvagina pic 7All women start with a tight vagina, but as time goes by and as the vagina is subjected into activities that require stretching of the vaginal muscles, it may lose its elasticity. This doesn’t happen quickly, but when it does, it will affect you tremendously. An inelastic vagina will not look as great as a tight one, which will make you feel embarrassed when having sex with your partner. Aside from aesthetic changes, you will also feel a significant reduction of arousal when your vaginal muscles are loosened. Some women have come to the point where they don’t even want to have intercourse at all because it is challenging for them to feel anything pleasurable from it. These are just some of the reasons why you should look for things that help bring back the tightness of your vagina.

An explanation of tightness and looseness of the vagina

The vaginal muscles contract and expand. When you are anxious, your vaginal muscles will contract, making it tighter. When you are relaxed, it will stretch. This kind of stretching is normal. When you are turned on, your feminine region will start to moisten and the vaginal walls will expand in preparation for intercourse. When you are giving birth, your vagina is subject to constrictions and expansions to allow the passing of a newborn baby. After giving birth, the vagina is supposed to return to its original tight shape over time. However, it will start to loosen when you give birth without proper spacing between babies.

The repercussions of a loose vagina

Different aspects of your life will be affected by a loose vagina. Aesthetically, you will feel embarrassed showing this region to your partner because it will not look as good as it was before. Performance-wise, you will not be able to satisfy your partner like you used to because your vaginal walls will not be tightening to offer further stimulation. Even you will not enjoy intercourse anymore because you will not feel that much pleasure. As your self-consciousness of the looseness of your vagina increases, your libido decreases. When your libido decreases, your partner will have a higher tendency of looking for someone else.

Things that can help tighten vagina

tightvagina pic 34Once you realize how a loose vagina is starting to affect your self-confidence and relationship, you will want to look for some sort of cure. Fortunately, there are different methods that can help bring back the tightness of the most important part of your womanhood. There are Kegel exercises to get you started on a fitter lifestyle that involves exercising the muscles in the nether regions. There are also doctor-approved exercises and activities you can try. Some herbs are supposed to help, too. And then there are packaged vaginal tightening gels that can be applied to the area to bring back its tightness.

Vaginal tightening gels: handy and convenient

What if you want to bring back the fire in your relationship? What if your partner wants to have sex with you tonight? You can actually use a vaginal tightening gel to help you with this. The results can already be seen within the day, but for best results you should use the gel repeatedly until the desired tightness is achieved. The good thing about this gel is it also lubricates your feminine area. Aside from that, it tones the muscles and brings back that youthful suppleness of your private region. With this and the renewed tightness of your vagina, there is no stopping you from having mind-blowing orgasms again.

Just because you’ve been in a long relationship doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Just because you are growing older and have given birth to a couple of babies doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sex anymore. It’s your choice to make your private life better.

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