Kegel Exercise Instructions

tightvagina pic 23Kegel exercises help tighten the vaginal walls to solve various problems. Doctors may recommend this to prevent urinal discharge, while pregnant women do this exercise in preparation for childbirth. And then there are women who do these exercises to bring back a youthful and tight vagina. A tight vagina can improve the pleasures derived from sex and you and your partner will both benefit from it. So how does this exercise work?

Start with the basics

Just like with any other exercise, you need to start with the basics. It won’t be safe if you start with the most difficult. The most basic Kegel exercise is the one done sitting down. It’s not even complicated. First, you will need to identify the muscle that needs to be toned—that’s the pelvic floor muscle, which controls the bladder, uterus, and rectum. You can identify this muscle by trying to hold your pee midstream. You can also insert a finger and feel the part that resists when you contract the vagina. Benefiting from Kegel exercises will be easy as long as you are working the right muscles.

Standing and squatting exercises

Sitting exercises are meant to familiarize you with the pelvic floor muscles. Now that you’ve got that covered, you can start doing the exercise while standing. Make sure that there is enough distance between your legs and then clench the muscles in the area you want to tighten. Try to keep your breathing normal as you do this. You will find yourself holding your breath when you’re just starting and you have to work on that. Start by keeping the muscles tightened for ten seconds and repeat it ten times. Increase the time and repetitions until you can hold it effortlessly for ten minutes. Then you can do squatting exercises. Squatting exercises are actually ideal for pregnant women who want to improve their pushes during labor.

With or without Kegel weights or Ben-wa balls

You can do Kegel exercises to tighten and strengthen your vaginal muscles without Kegel balls, but if you really want to know whether you are having some progress, these balls are recommended. A weighted ball will be inserted in the vagina where it will rest against the pelvic floor muscles. Clenching the muscles will prevent the ball from falling out—that’s your goal. Keep the ball in as long as possible and work your way up to being able to keep the ball in place even while you are walking around the house or doing the chores.

The most discrete exercise ever

tightvagina pic 14The good thing about Kegel exercises is they can be done in private. Even with the use of weighted balls, nobody will have to know what you are doing or what your secret is to a tighter vagina.

Can be combined with others

Kegel exercises need to be done repeatedly to achieve the desired results. If you’re having a hard time determining and working the pelvic floor muscles, or if you want faster results, you can try using vaginal tightening creams with the exercise. In fact, you can even use tightening gels only and see significant improvements in no time. However, it would be nice to have some exercise for that area too to strengthen the elasticity of the muscles better.

Important reminders

Kegel exercises using weights have to be done without compromising one’s health. Make sure that you store and clean the weights properly so that your vaginal region will not be infected. Use a mild soap to avoid irritation. You should also keep in mind that soreness may be felt when you are just beginning to routinely do these exercises since the muscles have to adjust. When you are pregnant, you should ask your doctor first if the use of weights is okay.

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