Is Your Vaginal Discharge Normal?

tightvagina pic 10There is vaginal discharge that can be considered common and normal. Most women have this. The first step to identifying whether there is something wrong with your vagina is to know what is considered normal vaginal discharge.

The usual vaginal discharge is the one that you notice when you are on your period. This typically happens in the middle of the ovulation or menstrual cycle. The amount of discharge may be managed by wearing a pad or panty liner.

Normal vaginal discharge should not smell bad, although it may be accompanied by some pain, redness, itching, or a burning sensation. Factors that affect the discharge are age, pregnancy, menstrual cycle, and the use of pills for birth control.

Note that the discharge of teenage girls may be watery or may come in a large amount because of high hormone levels. Teens taking birth control pills can also expect a huge amount of discharge.

Now you know what the normal discharge should be. When you notice any variation from this, there is a possibility of vaginal infection and you should always consult your doctor.

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