How to Use Kegel Weights

tightvagina pic 22Are you having a hard time reaching orgasm? Do you find yourself not pleasured by sex anymore? Maybe it’s because of a loose vagina. There’s no need to panic. This can be solved with a combination of exercise and vaginal tightening gel.

Is there an exercise that can tighten vagina?

Yes, and these are called Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises can be done with or without weights or balls. If you’re new to this kind of exercise, you can start without the balls first. All you need to do is practice tightening your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, relax, and do it repeatedly. Try to increase the time that you tighten the pelvic floor muscles to develop resistance. To further improve tightness, you can proceed with the use of Kegel balls or weights.

How are Kegel weights used?

tightvagina pic 31Kegel weights come in ball or cone shapes and are small enough to be inserted into the opening of the vagina. These come in different weights so that you can exercise with a comfortable ball and proceed to a more challenging one over time. You need to practice keeping the weights inside the vagina by tightening the vaginal wall muscles to prevent them from falling out. You can begin with sitting exercises then move on to standing exercises. Afterwards, you can continue using the balls even while you’re doing other tasks.

Notes when starting Kegel exercises

You have to remember that this is a form of exercise. Just like other exercises, the muscle that is being worked will show signs of activity. You can experience soreness at the early stages. It’s also important that you start with the lightest ball that you are having difficulty holding inside the vagina. Don’t start with the heaviest because it can lead to muscle strain or fatigue.

How to care for Kegel weights

Once you’re done using Kegel weights, you have to rinse them with warm water and use a mild soap to clean them properly. Then dry and store them in a safe and clean area. Avoid using harsh detergents or soaps to clean the weights so that they will not irritate your feminine part. Always remember that these balls will be inserted in a sensitive region, so keep them clean at all times.

How ready are you to exercises outside?

Once you’ve mastered control of your pelvic floor muscles, it will be easier to hold in Kegel weights inside the vagina. This means that you are ready to exercise even when outside. However, you should not do this until you are absolutely sure that the balls will not fall out prematurely. What if you were in the middle of a conversation and you forgot that there were weights inside you? It would be embarrassing to explain what you were doing. Try to hold the ball inside while you’re walking in the house first and then try doing some strenuous activities. If you can hold the weight without any difficulties, it should be okay to use them outside the house.

Is there an alternative to Kegel weights?

If you want a tighter vagina but you are not comfortable doing the Kegel exercise, or if you want an alternative to Kegel weights for certain occasions, there’s always the vaginal tightening gel. This helps bring back the tightness of your vagina without any additional work. However, the results of this product will be more pronounced when you couple it with Kegel exercises. A good way to do it would be doing a couple of minutes of Kegel exercise per day and applying the gel before going to bed.

It’s up to you how to solve your vaginal tightening problem, but there are plenty of options you can choose from. Kegel exercises and vaginal tightening gels work well together and since they are both natural and non-surgical, they are private and economical too.

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