How to Use Kegel Exercise Ball

tightvagina pic 29In your search for ways to solve vaginal looseness, you have probably encountered numerous articles about Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises can aid in vaginal tightening, plus it’s easy to do. Any women can start doing Kegel exercises now.

Identify the right muscles to exercise

You need to focus on your pelvic floor or PC muscles. This is the one that supports the bladder, rectum, small intestine, and uterus. To find this muscle, hold your pee mid-stream. One reason why some women are recommended Kegel exercises is to strengthen this muscle to prevent urinary problems. Note though that you should not hold your pee often because it can actually work the opposite way and weaken the muscles.

Identify the right ball size

A set of Kegel balls comes in varying sizes and weights. Identify the smallest or lightest ball and insert it inside the vagina and try to hold it in. If you can hold the ball for ten seconds for a couple of repetitions, move on to the next heavier or bigger ball. The ball that you have difficulty holding in will be where you start your exercise.

How the exercise works

Your aim is to hold the ball inside the vagina by tightening your pelvic floor muscles. Doing this repeatedly will yield results over the following weeks. Do these exercises together with vaginal tightening gels and you will surely see results soon. Kegel exercises are also recommended for women who are post-menopause, since their uterus may be weighing down their bladder. This leads to uncontrolled urine flow that can be triggered simply by laughing.

Sitting exercises

If you’re new to using Kegel exercises to tighten your vaginal muscles, it’s best that you start with the simplest. Sitting exercises are done without much movement. Sit in a relaxed position and insert the ball you are going to exercise with. Then clench and unclench your pelvic floor muscles to move the ball up and down. Do this repeatedly and increase the time that you hold the ball up and then down. Once you can hold the ball up for ten minutes and then down for another ten minutes over about ten repetitions, you can move on to the standing exercises.

Standing and squatting exercises

Here you have the gravity working against you. Stand with your feet shoulder-length apart. You will insert the Kegel ball and keep it from falling out. The gravity will pull the ball down, so you have to work really hard on tightening those muscles. Once you’ve done this, you can now move on to a combination of standing and sitting exercises through squatting. This is the most challenging, since you will also have to work other muscles of the body as you do this. Don’t forget to breathe normally as you hold the ball in.

Now do this everyday

After squatting exercises, what’s next is integrating the exercise into your daily routine. This saves you time because instead of squatting in one place to tighten your vaginal walls, you can do the things you normally do while doing the exercises. You can clean the house, do the groceries, or cook. Just make sure that you are already good at holding the ball in before you attempt to go outside with them because it will be embarrassing if the balls suddenly fell out while you’re in a public place.

tightvagina pic 30Kegel exercises are a great way to tighten your vagina. It’s even better that it can be done while you are doing other things so that you can save time. Vaginal tightening gels can be used in combination with Kegel exercises to give you that youthful, firm, and tight vagina again in no time.

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