How to Tighten Vagina

tightvagina pic 27It is already challenging for women to feel pleasure when having intercourse with their partner on a regular day. Orgasm isn’t a common or regular occurrence and experiencing it every so often is already what most women hope for. Things get even worse for a female if she has already given birth because her vaginal walls won’t be as tight as they used to be. With this problem, both she and her partner will not enjoy their intercourse as much as they did before.

The challenge on you

As a woman, you hold the power to keep your man happy. You have the right set of body parts, but are they functioning well? More to the point, is your vagina still tight enough for it to grip your man’s manhood and give him more pleasure? And as for you, do you still feel his movements inside you? It’s pretty challenging to keep a healthy and satisfying lifestyle when you have already given birth several times.

The challenge on him

With loose vaginal walls, you are not the only person feeling dissatisfied. Your man may also have a hard time finishing off when he’s inside you. He will not feel as happy as he did before, and since he’s not pleasuring you too, he will feel bad about the situation. At this point there are only two outcomes of this problem. He can be understanding about it if your relationship is strong, but if it isn’t that strong, you can have a major falling apart.

Operation, maybe?

There are some treatments involving operation that will give you back a tightened vagina. Vaginoplasty tightens up the vagina that had loosened from childbirth or aging. Labiaplasty changes the size of the labia to make them smaller or changes the shape to correct any asymmetry. It can be performed along with vaginoplasty. Doctors claim that these operations also increase your sensitivity so that you will feel more pleasure, maybe even greater than what you felt before.

The solution that will rock your world

tightvagina pic 26If you are not a fan of surgery or if you do not want to consult doctors about your problem, there’s a better treatment that you can do at home. This all-natural treatment doesn’t require anything but a product and a lifestyle change. If you look around the market, there are different products for this. There are creams, gels, and pills. It depends on what you are more comfortable with using. And then there are exercises that go with these products, such as Kegel exercises. These exercises aim to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic area so that your vagina gets back to normal.

You can do it, even in secret

If you want your private life to remain private, using these products and doing these exercises are the best option. You may even keep this from your partner for a certain time so that he will be surprised when you two get in bed and feel the difference. He will definitely feel rejuvenated when he feels how tight you are. And you—you will feel even more pleasure, too. It will be just like when you were younger. Both of you will have a lot of fun again and when he’s satisfied with you, he will not even think about cheating. This is the ultimate relationship saver.

It’s up to you how you address vaginal loosening. You may avoid the issue and not do anything to prevent it, in which case you should be prepared for the consequences of dissatisfaction from your man. You could also get yourself the right products and get started on bringing back your tight vagina and improve your relationship.

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