Can Vaginal Tightening Affect a Relationship?

tightvagina pic 16These days, do you find yourself irritated often? Do you shy away from your lover and dislike having sex with him? Are you starting to think that you are getting bored with the relationship? That may not be it. It may be your satisfaction during sex that’s affecting your want for it. When you’re not so young anymore, and especially when you’ve given birth to a couple of kids, your vagina loosens and causes you to not be satisfied with your usual partner.

This works both ways

Vaginal loosening will affect your relationship in that both you and your partner will not have satisfactory sex. This can lead to both of you not wanting to have sex with each other altogether. That may eventually lead to falling apart. If you’re not married, you may break up; if you are married, extra-marital affairs are not out of the question.

Effects on you

Unsatisfied sexual urges will affect certain aspects of your life. Your mood will change for the worse. Experts say that having an orgasm clears your mind, so not having it for a long time may make you cranky and less productive. Vaginal loosening can also cause you to not be stimulated with the things that used to stimulate you. For example, you may require a bigger object to be inserted inside you to feel satisfaction. You may also have a hard time reaching orgasm.

Effects on your partner

Your partner will be affected by a loosened vagina because he will not feel the tightness he used to feel when inside you. This will result in him having a hard time reaching his own climax. In the long run he will not be satisfied with sex with you anymore. He may turn to another lover for satisfaction. When this happens, you will also feel bad about yourself because you are not able to satisfy him. Your self-esteem will lower. And since you are also not satisfied, your partner may feel bad about himself, too.

Some indicators of a loosened vagina

Loosened vagina eventually happens when you’ve given birth frequently and if you are not so young anymore. Fatigue and inactivity may also impede vaginal tightening. If you’re having a hard time achieving orgasm even with the things that used to help you before, there’s a good possibility that you have a loosened vagina. If you can easily insert three fingers inside without that much stretching, your vagina may not be as tight as you’d want it to be.

Ways to be youthful in your feminine region again

happy_woman_tightvVaginal tightening can be brought back with the help of private options. These are private in the sense that you can do them at home and without the help of anyone. This way, you can work on tightening your vagina on your own time and pace. Kegel exercises target the muscles that are important in tightening your vagina. Some equipment may also help. You could also try doing some yoga and Pilates, which target the strengthening of core and pelvic muscles. Note though that these exercises work well when done regularly. If you’re not into exercising, vaginal tightening gels exist. These gels, which also lubricate your feminine region, bring back the firm, tight, and youthful appearance of your vagina. And once your man sees your newly rejuvenated area, he will be surprised that it doesn’t just look young, but also feels young. He can be satisfied with your tight vagina again. It will be just like having sex with a younger version of you.

Unsatisfactory sex doesn’t have to be the end of your relationship. If you want the relationship to work, make sure that you try using products or exercise, or a combination of both. Bringing back your tight vagina isn’t just for the benefit of your partner. It’s also for your own pleasure, so go ahead and do it for yourself.

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