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If your squimish you might want to just skip to the buy button, but if you want to know why this actually, really works then keep reading.


This unit is a TENS unit (but not just any TENS unit). That stands for Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. What it does is electrically stimulate the nerves and muscles causing them to contract.


This is exactly what a physical therapist uses on people in physical therapy.


Depending on the strength of the signal it can help muscles relax similar to a massage which helps the muscle be healthy.


OR, and this is the effect we are concerned with, it can contract the muscle creating an effect similar to exercise.


This is how a physical therapist helps keep muscles from disintegrating when, for example, someone can’t exercise their legs because their knee is busted up. It keeps and builds back the muscles strong.


It can do the same for your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles.


This, of course, strengthens and tightens the muscles, making them tighter, stronger, and healthier.


Sex becomes more pleasant because you can feel sensations better, your orgasms will be more powerful because those muscles will be able to respond better.


You might even notice incontinence going away, and your man won’t complain that your too loose ever again!


Vaginal birth—no problem. The muscles being stronger will make giving birth easier too! Stronger muscles give you a faster and less painful birth proccess.


Incontinence from any cause, including from coughing too much during illness, will get better.


And the thing that is SO great about it is you can avoid the frustration and confusion of kegels.


It is SO confusing to know if you are doing it correctly or not. When do you move to the next egg shape? Who knows.


Are the right muscles the ones squeezing? No one seems to be able to explain clearly how to tell if you are targeting the right ones. I’ve heard —as I’m sure you have so many different descriptions of how to tell, and they all seem to say something different.


Now you can avoid that confusion.


Now you can avoid wearing period panties, pads or depends type underwear. It sucks. Forget jumping on a trampoline or sneezing. Yes, I’ve been there too. 


It doesn’t fix the problem at all. It just helps you avoid embarrassment until your doctor finally gives you options that might take care of it.


One of my dear friends went ahead and got that metal mesh operation in her pelvic floor to desperately try not to have bladder leakage. Frankly it sounded scary to me, and sure enough, she was in SO much chronic pain afterwards.


A few years later even worse problems with the surgery started showing up and the class action law suit after was massive!


She suffered having to go through another operation to get it removed. What a pain. Literally. And of course all that extra down time while trying to heal –not being able to work, or play with your kids, or having sex even.


This also saves you from the complications, if not down right dangers, of any surgury used for incontinence and prolapsed organs.


You might be thinking, “Wait, would just using my vibrator do the same thing?”


Not really; while that can help some because you are getting some muscle stimulation— this system guarantees the muscles are worked whether you have an orgasm or not.


Those vaginal and pelvic floor muscles are getting worked and the tissues are getting rebuilt.


You could go to get the chair treatment that has been invented, but it does the exact same thing this system does, (but without the extra benefit of the herbal treatment and the rebuilding cream), and with this system you don’t have to get a referral from a doctor, you don’t have to go anywhere, or schedule time out of your day to drive through traffic and waste gas money.


You can use it at home in the comfort and privacy of your own room and relax while those muscles get treated instead of spending the exact same time fighting traffic.


You don’t even have to tell anyone what is going on! -except maybe your husband if you want.


It is SO simple to use. 

  1. Place the unit where you want the most help and turn it on.
  2. Use the liquid herbal extract once a day in your tea or coffee (or take it straight and chase it with some water). 15 sec – 1 min.
  3. Rub the healing salve on your intimate areas right before bed. 15 sec – 1 min.


That’s it! So easy, super simple, and no fuss.


You get to have a healthier body and, I hate to mention it but your worries about your man wandering or having an affair because of a loose vagina just won’t be a thing.


You just took that excuse away from him forever by buying and using this sweet little tool.


Now it’s not the only factor. A guy I knew was complaining to me how his girlfriend was super loose vaginally after she had her kid, and he hated it.


I asked him why he didn’t leave her. He couldn’t define it, but he wanted to stay —even though it bothered him. And he did stay. They ended up married and were together ever after that.


So clearly your vaginal tightness isn’t the true reason a man will want you or not want you, but imagine how much tighter (excuse the pun) the relationship would have been if that issue was gone!


But most of all when you use this little machine regularly and get that nice youthful pelvic floor again you will feel confident again.


You will be able to have fun out on the town or doing fun activities and adventure that make you feel young and alive again without worrying about leakage or a loose vagina if you decide to hook up with a hottie.


And studies show that men are more attracted to women that make them feel young again. And that is not about looks it is about feeling!!!


So if you are acting young (not irresponsible), adventurous and fun —men, YOUR man, will find you infinitely more attractive.


Plus you will just have more fun and feel better about yourself anyway! (It doesn’t have to always be about the men! Lol)

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